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Picture this;   you're visiting some the most beautiful places in the country with a group of your friends. Now, you've all been to the same places and used the same paths and trails.

Fast forward a little and now, you're back at home, eventually you all get together and people are sharing photographs of their things they had seen. You find yourself asking, "How did i miss that?" it happens to everyone. When it happened to me, i wondered if had even been on the same trip with those guys! But that was the first time i realized that i had been missing the big picture.

The big picture is all around. It’s everything. It’s the sunrises and sunsets. It’s in the mountains and it's the middle of the city.

I had to teach myself to mentally turn down the volume of the world and to put the movie on slow motion. That’s when the big picture reveals itself. it's not so much about where you are, as much as it is the moment you are in. these are some of my moments...

The BIG Picture

Thank you so very much for coming out and supporting me in this new endeavor. it means a great deal to me.

Peace and much love

jon mcclain